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With over 150 years experience in the hospitality industry, we continue to deliver outstanding service to our clients
and we look forward to helping you with your business needs. Enjoy the benefits Winnall & Co. has to offer including:


About Us

Our History

In 1862, Mr. Alfred France commenced business in Wallaroo as a “Hotel Auctioneer, Brewer and Mining Proprietor” – in those early days of the industry in South Australia, “Hotel Brokers” were then classified as “Hotel Auctioneers”. The next 20 years saw the business go through numerous partnership changes and they also expanded their offices into the city of Adelaide, Moonta and Kadina, by the end of 1882 the business was known as “Moody, Furner and Company”.

The year 1893 saw another change when Mr. Charles Winnall linked up with his brother in law (Mr. Moody) and the business then became “Moody & Winnall”. In 1908, Mr. Samuel Durrant Stace linked up with the two partners and the firm was known as “Moody, Winnall & Stace”, and they were now ale to be referred to as “Hotel Brokers” for the first time instead of “Hotel Auctioneers”.

Six years later in 1914 Mr. Pat J. Flannagan (uncle of Mr. Max C. Flannagan, past President of the A.H.A.) joined up with the three hotel broking partners and remained with them for 3 years until 1917 when he became a hotelkeeper and a subsequent State and Federal President of the Licensed Victuallers’ Association, as the A.H.A. was then known.

In 1924, the firm became known as “Winnall & Dean” when Mr. Harry Dean joined up with Mr. Charles H. Winnall in the firm’s address in Waymouth Street. In 1934, a further change was made in the firm’s title when Mr. James Robert Sanderson, who had been with the firm since leaving school, was elevated to partner and the trading title altered to “Winnall & Sanderson” with the direction of the firm in the hands of Mr Winnall Snr, and his son Mr, Charles Austin Winnall.

In 1930 the L.V.A. (The then A.H.A.) had changed locations from Pirie Chambers in Pirie Street, to Tattersalls Chambers in Grenfell Street when Mr. Pat Flannagan was the then Chairman of Tattersalls Club. The hotel broking firm then relocated the business a year later on an adjacent floor in the same building as the Association.

1939 saw the firm take up the title of “Winnall, Sanderson & Parsons”, when Mr. Ralph Spencer Parsons (who had been a successful broker in his own right with his firm Parsons & Co.) linked up with Mr Charles Austin Winnall and J.R. Sanderson following the retirement of Mr Charles H. Winnall.

1959 saw Mr. Parsons retire from the firm although his name remained on the title. Two years later saw the tragic death of Mr. James R Sanderson in Victoria. The announcement of his passing had a significant effect on the hospitality industry for he had spent most of his life in close and active co-operation with hoteliers. A short while before his passing his son, Mr. James Joseph Sanderson had been elected to partner.

1970 saw the last business trading name change from “Winnall, Sanderson and Parsons” to “Winnall & Co.”

1974 saw an end of an era when Mr Winnall retired. Mr Geoff Shepherd and Ms Betty Durant went into partnership and continued to trade as Winnall & Co.

In 1979, Mr Will Feijen and Mr Harold (Harry) Henderson became junior partners under the senior direction of Mr. Geoff Shepherd and Ms Betty Durant.

On the 1st October, 1983, Mr Will Feijen and Mr Harold (Harry) Henderson became sole partners of Winnall & Co due the retirement of Ms. Betty Durant (Mr. Geoff Shepherd has previously left the partnership in 1980)

Over the next 20 years both Mr. Will Feijen and Mr Harry Henderson helped grow Winnall & Co into the company you see today. Unfortunately, Mr Harry Henderson passed away suddenly on 29th December, 2004. This was a tough time for Mr Will Feijen and the employees, but in true Winnall & Co tradition we carried on and prevailed successfully.

After Mr Harry Henderson’s death, Mr Will Feijen became the sole owner of Winnall & Co continuing on the exceptional services Winnall & Co offered the liquor industry.

On the 6th May 2015, Winnall & Co experienced another tragedy when Mr Will Feijen passed away suddenly after a short battle with cancer. Mr Will Feijen’s wife Mrs Roslyn Feijen, along with the loyal staff, Winnall & Co continued to offer fabulous consultancy, bookkeeping and payroll services to our current and prospective clients.

On 1st July 2016, Michael Wong and Alexandra Elliot became the new partners of Winnall & Co.

Michael and Alexandra, together with their staff are looking brightly towards the future and continue to provide unparalleled service to the industry.

We look forward to servicing the liquor industry for another 150 years!

Our Staff

Winall & Co currently employs 12 dedicated and loyal staff. We pride oursleves on low staff turnover to ensure stability for our customer services, experience, continual training and support. This ensures your business is always in the best possible hands.


Michael Wong
Michael is a Chartered Accountant. He spent several years working in London Charted Accountant practices before migrating to Australia 36 years ago. Before joining Winnall & Co, he was the Chief Financial Officer and later CEO of a hotel group operating several hotels in South Australia.

Alexandra Elliott
Alexandra began her career at Winnall & Co as a junior clerk in 2001. Being involved in the company from such a young age has given her extensive experience dealing with all facets of bookkeeping, payroll consulting, HR and financial reporting.


Our Services

Tailor Made to Suit Your Needs


We provide the following bookkeeping services.

  • Accounts Payable
  • Collating of Management/Director approved invoices and delivery dockets
  • Reconciliation of invoices against statements, amending payments with any credits due, etc
  • Processing payments on a weekly and monthly basis as per supplier trading terms (after Director approval). Payments can be made through EFT and/or cheque
  • Correspondence with supplier’s accounts departments on your behalf
  • Reconciliation of all direct debit suppliers
  • Storage of all invoices as per ATO guidelines
  • Sales Auditing
  • Checking daily sales figures against Hotel’s stock system and advising Management/Director’s of any discrepancies
  • Appropriate recording of all sales, cash, EFTPOS, AMEX, discrepancies
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Bank reconciliations are completed on a weekly or fortnightly basis
  • Bank account is reconciled against daily takings to ensure all cash is accounted for as well as EFTPOS, AMEX, Lotteries, Direct Debit payments, etc
  • Any discrepancies will be advised to Management and/or Directors
  • Weekly Management Reports
  • Preparation of weekly Management reports using daily takings, wages and cost of goods from Hotel’s stock system
  • Budget figures can be incorporated into weekly reports
  • Weekly reports include P&L Statement using approximate general expense amounts, Wages Vs Sales comparison, historical comparisons (previous years)
  • Monthly P&L Statement
  • Creditors, Prepayments and Debtor journals are adjusted to create accurate P&L Statement on a monthly basis
  • Calculation & Lodgement of Monthly/Quarterly BAS
  • Calculation of BAS whether it be monthly or quarterly returns
  • Provide calculations to your Accountant for lodgement to obtain extension or we can lodge using paper form
  • Weekly/Monthly Budget Comparison Reports
  • If budget figures are provided to us by your Accountant we can produce weekly and/or monthly comparisons reports so you can keep track of your business
  • Maintain General Ledger
  • Maintaining Balance Sheet Items - including annual Depreciation Schedule
  • Providing your Accountant with an annual P&L Statement, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance along with supporting documentation at the end of the financial year
  • Payroll

    We provide the following payroll services to make your life easier!

  • Weekly payroll processing using time sheets or time and attendance software (ie. H&L workforce)
  • Consultation Services regarding Modern Awards and Fair Work Australia Legislations
  • Provide weekly payment summary report detailing hours worked, gross, tax, deductions and net amounts
  • Provide weekly departmental report detailing hours worked, gross, tax, deductions and net amounts within each department
  • Provide an ABA file for you to easily upload your payroll onto your online banking or we can upload on your behalf
  • We can provide a range of weekly payroll reports to suit your needs, for example, budget comparison, daily costs, etc.
  • Provide each employee with a detailed pay slip via email or hard copy which are printed on confidential paper.
  • Provide monthly reports to enable you to lodge and pay monthly obligations (PAYG, Payroll Tax, etc) (If we do not process your accounts payable)
  • Lodge you monthly super obligations with HostPlus Clearing house and provide you with the payment remittance
  • Lodge monthly IAS forms (if we process your accounts payable)
  • Maintaining all Annual, Sick and Long Service Leave accruals
  • Provide each employee with an accurate PAYG summary each financial year
  • Lodge your PAYG summary file with the ATO
  • Provide you with an annual payroll report to enable you to complete end of year reconciliations (If we do not maintain your General Ledger)
  • Provide your accountant with end of year reconciliations and reports (If we maintain your General Ledger)
  • Gaming Analysis

  • Data Entry of all clearances, refills and cancel credits
  • Processing Ram Clears, Machine Relocations and Game Changes
  • Record keeping of machine placement within the gaming room
  • Provide weekly and monthly Cash Flow, Popularity plus many other reports
  • Any discrepancies are investigated and Management and/or Directors are informed

  • .

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who are we?

    Winnall & Co. are a consultancy and bookkeeping firm which specialises in the hospitality industry.

    Our industry experience and knowledge is second to none, combined our staff have over 100 years experience in the industry.

    Please see ‘Our Services’ page for detailed information regarding what we can offer your business.

    How does it work?

    Winnall & Co services are provided offsite, which means our services are conducted on our premises.

    Included in our fees are storage costs as we store your paperwork as per ATO guidelines.

    Please call or email us and we can tailor our services to suit your business.

    What software do you use?

    We use Attaché as our accounting software. We find this package is suited to our business requirements, especially with dealing with numerous clients.
    Attaché offers a flexible database to work with, this ensures we can personalise ledgers to suit your business needs.
    The payroll software we use is WageEasy. We changed over intermittently to this system during the 2014/2015 financial year.
    We conducted a lot of research before purchasing this software – we are convinced it is the best payroll software on the market today.

    The features of WageEasy are never ending and most customised reports are possible. The gaming software we use is Aristocrat Analyst.

    All weekly, monthly and annual reports are forwarded in a PDF format.

    What time of the year can we begin to use your services?

    We can begin services whenever you are ready.
    Ideally, we do prefer the start of a quarter for bookkeeping services or the beginning of a month for payroll services.
    This makes the transition a little smoother but we can work with you to make changeover a smooth transition for both parties.

    What set up fees do you charge? What are your fees?

    Our monthly fee does vary due to individual business needs and the services required – please contact us today for an obligation free quote.


    Sponsorships & Testimonials

    Our Sponsorships

    2015 marks the beginning of our Bronze sponsorship with the Australian Hotels’ Association. We have been an associate member of the AHA|SA for many years and we are now pleased to be involved in a sponsorship capacity.

    We are also very delighted to be a Silver Conference Supporter for the 2015 Women in Hotels conference.

    Client Testimonials

    “We have been using hospitality specialists 'Winnall & Co' as our company bookkeepers for over 25 years. They manage our accounts payable, payroll and financial reporting. Having a third party oversee our books gives us peace of mind that nothing is being missed.

    I am particularly confident with having Alexandra at the helm of a great team as she has extensive experience and a wealth of knowledge and understanding of our industry.

    (They are also very patient with our quirky ways!)”

    Alison James - The ED

    “Winnall & Co have been providing payroll, bookkeeping and financial services to our group of hotels for approximately 50 years.

    Payroll administration can be a complex area that diverts attention from important activities relating to the running of our hotels. Winnall & Co offers a professional service that ensures payments to staff, calculation of entitlements and legal compliance relating to payroll is completed accurately and on time.

    They are continually updating their clients about changes to the different Awards used in the hospitality industry, and are readily available to answer any questions that may arise.

    Accounts payable and financial reporting are important factors in maintaining our operational effectiveness. Winnall & Co provide an efficient service to ensure the timely and accurate payment of accounts on our hotels’ behalf. They also provide financial reports, which are instrumental in monitoring performance and developing strategies for our hotels.

    I highly recommend the services of Winnall & Co to assist in your organisation, by easing your workload and freeing you up to focus on achieving your business objectives.”

    Lisa Matthews - Matthews Hotels

    “The Briggs Hotels Group has been using all the services of Winnall & Co over several decades.

    They are continually updating their clients about changes to the different Awards used in the hospitality industry, and are readily available to answer any questions that may arise.

    Winnall & Co is most professional in their provision of all aspect of our payroll, gaming, management and financial requirements

    Michael has been most efficient with our cash flow and accounts payable management.

    I am delighted and confident that Michael and Alexandra together with their team of dedicated staff will continue to provide us with the highest level of service and I strongly recommend their services to you.

    Gary J Briggs - Briggs Hotels Group